As everyone knows about what is going on with Gaza, Hope everything will be fine over there, but something which is going here through the command rooms of the Anonymous hackers destroying the online presence of Israeli websites, and we are reporting about this hack, as the list of hacked websites increasing day-by-day.

This hacking operation actually dubbed and promoted on twitter via the various hashtags: #OpSaveGaza #Opisrael #FreePalestine.

Various Anonymous hackers participating in this hacking operation and the group associated with the hacks provided below.



#OpSaveGaza       #Opisrael        #FreePalestine


HACKER Movie called Algorithm here.


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Live – The HopeX conference


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truth Freq Radio banner


07-18-14 5PM Eastern

Call In 866-37-TRUTH

Listen By Phone 8 3 2 – 2 2 5 – 5 3 0 8

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“Kill Jesus” – signed The Money Changers

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moneychangers 1

Yes, Jesus beat the money changers, and as usual, they exacted their disproportional revenge by murdering Jesus.

kill the bank

Andrew Jackson avenged Jesus nearly 2000 years later, and killed the bank. But it nearly got him killed.

monechangers 2

But the damnable bankers had a secret. They possessed the spiraling coded ring that allowed them to regenerate, and come back. We must fight back, but make sure you KNOW your enemy!

When you figure that out, all I ask is, “What would Jesus do?”

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Scotcoin Update

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Scotcoin.org Newsletter July ’14
Dear Gropundcrew,

Welcome to the first Scotcoin Newsletter – a once per month update, reporting on everything that’s happening (or about to happen!) in the Scotcoin world.

Firstly, if you’re wondering why you received this email, your email address was added as you signed up for Free Scotcoin during our airdrops. Should you not wish to receive this monthly update – please unsubscribe below and we will not contact you again.

If you decide to ‘hang around’, we are extremely excited to report on the progress of Scotcoin, in only 3 months since inception, and hope to keep the Scotcoin community informed of all the latest updates and innovations via this method of communication (as well as via our Website, Facebook & Twitter accounts).

We intend to build out this newsletter with some great Content, News, Technical Releases, Business Updates, Exclusive Special Promotions & a whole lot more. Please, read on….
Scotcoin News

- Following the successful airdrop of circa 75% of all pre-mined Scotcoins, the final totals were:-

743 became Scotcoin Millionaires
247 became 100K’aires

So, almost 1,000 people at, least, were included in the airdrop & now have Scotcoins, not to mention the many more that have received Scotcoins from their friends or via the Free Scotcoin Tap – quite an achievement to date. Let’s get to 5,000 now!

- The Scotcoin QT Wallet downloads exceed 3,000 and with the addition of the Android Wallet, adoption is growing daily.

- The excellent Free Scotcoin Tap website is steadily growing and is currently receiving 300+ unique visitors per day. Plus, has been offering an excellent reward bonus, based on a multiplier to the payout rate for every Netherlands goal! Check it out.

- We are in final beta testing of an Online Wallet Solution which will be compatible on ALL DEVICE FORMATS and hope to roll this out early July.

- Two Facebook communities have been established, The Scotcoin Alliance & A Sensible Debate about Scotcoin. Please join these groups and become part of the community.

- We have established ScotLocal – A meetup group which aims to connect Scotcoin communities from all over Scotland. Please sign up today, and if you would like to become an organizer in your area, please get in touch and we can add you & feature your local events.

- We have allocated 50 Million Scotcoins To ScotFund: A new initiative aimed at increasing Scotcoin adoption via local Scottish communities. More details and how to apply can be found at scotcoin.org

- We are also pleased to welcome two new mining pools into the Scotcoin ecosystem GMT Public & Scotmine. Both these pools allow anyone to mine for Scotcoin and will be offering some good incentives and rewards, as well as excellent information on how to mine soon. Please check them out.

- And finally, big shout to the Scotcoin Classifieds team, who have on-boarded around 15 – 20 businesses from all over Scotland, which accept Scotcoin – a huge achievement and great work. Check them out and get your business listed today!
Scotcoin Classifieds

That’s all for this month, we wanted to keep this brief!

Please share this newsletter with friends and also share a few Scotcoins as well. The more folks that receive coins, the more this concept can grow.

If you would like to contribute to this newsletter, please get in touch.

We hope you are enjoying the Scotcoin ride, so far!

Best regards

The Scotcoin Project Team


Leith Business Centre Flexible Office Space in Edinburgh & Glasgow
Buy, Sell & Trade Scotcoin with Bitcoin
Join ScotLocal.com Building Scotcoin Communities
Kickstart your Scotcoin idea with ScotFund
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Scotcoin Apple Mac QT Wallet Download
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Scotcoin Android Mobile Wallet Download
Latest Scotcoin.conf Configuration File
Advertise with us!
Copyright © 2014 The Scotcoin Project, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
The Scotcoin Project
Leith Business Centre
4 Marine Esplanade
Edinburgh, Lothian EH6 7LU
United Kingdom

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Are You In A Wiretap State?

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Wiretap list

Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont didn’t have any wiretap requests.

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Encrypted Internet Communications

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 Check out the new Privacy Links in the right column for privacy tools. Pass this post around to your groundcrew friends. Below is instructions on how to set up Jitsi. If that is too hard use Unseen.


It is time to get encrypted internet communications.

Go to this link and set up an account…  http://jabber.hot-chilli.net/account/create/

You will be asked for a username and password. Then, Under Jabber Domain I recommend you choose jabb3r.de .

When getting this free account at  Jabber, make sure to record your username and password.

Then go here and download Jitsi program..   JITSI.ORG

Run the installer and when asked you are setting up an XMPP account, so mark that when asked. While doing this, you will be asked for your username and password .

Now you are ready to start adding contacts just like on skype.

You can add me as a contact. My contact info is GroundCrew@jit.si

Yours will be different because it is from the server called Jabb3r, so yours will be  …    yourname@jabb3r.de

To find your contact info, open Jitsi, and go to Tools>Options>Accounts, there you will find your phone info to give others.

Jitsi is open source, and encrypted.

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