The Take-Over Is Under Way !




The logo for the Weather Underground Organization, came in various styles. Giving the rioters no hint, no idea, that they we under the control of a central authority.

The take over planned by the WUO Marxists, made sure people were oblivious to the real agenda.

William Charles “Bill” Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, is a self-described communist revolutionary¬† with the intent to overthrow the US government. Starting in the 1960s he conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings (including police stations, the US Capitol Building, and the Pentagon), and robbed Banks, and Brinks trucks at gun point.


Bill Ayers’ wife and co-conspirator was, and still is, Bernardine Dohrn. Bernadarddine Dohrn was born Bernardine Ohrnstein. She changed her name to hide her Jewish roots.


These people among others out of Chicago, are the mentors of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, and other Marxist revolutionaries now residing at Obama’s home, in WDC.

And just in case you forgot, Obama’s father is Communist Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA.

Obama’s handlers wanted you to think he was born to someone else in Hawaii or Kenya, and didn’t care which you picked, just so long as it didn’t lead to Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis, the card carrying communist in Chicago.



Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was recruited by the intel agencies in the late 1950s with one purpose in mind. She was to infiltrate the rising black nationalist, and civil rights organizations that were rapidly forming at the time.

Stanley Ann Dunham

The result was the birth of her son, Obama.

At the time of his birth, or shortly afterwards, someone inside the intel community decided to take the unwanted baby, born of intel intrigue, and use the baby for the ultimate infiltration. This is why we don’t know anything about Barack Hussein Obama, and why his background has been wiped clean. He is the ultimate cut out.

Today, Obama and conspirators Hillary, Bill, Soros, etc… continue their take over of the United States.

It is hard even for those of us awake, to get our heads around the fact that, we are in the middle of an attempt to take down the republic.

The method is classic. It is ripe with Bolshevick/Marxist coup and revolutionary techiniques designed to hide the true agenda… which is to take down the republic.

These revolutionary techinques spout power to, and for the people, when in realtiy that mantra is not the real intent. This a high level counterintelligence operation in a full court press.

Not recoginizing it for what it is, will cost us our culture, our wealth, and our nation.

We are at war the same way it started against the Russian people.

In Russia, the Marxist revolutionaries started with riots, not demonstrations and protests, but riots with sticks, bricks, rocks and fire bombs. After they achieved general chaos, they moved mercenaries secretly into Russia, which were armed revolutionaries.

The same thing is going to  happen here.

The Clinton/Obama/Soros Weather Underground have as their goal, the take down of the republic so that they, the formerly entrenched establishment, can gain back complete control.

The Republic is under attack, and the takeover is under way, be ready to respond “outside the box”.

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