2017 Nobel Prize In Physics


2017 Nobel Prize Winners in Physics

It has been, and still is my privilege to have been associated with the LIGO project as a research volunteer.

I first met Kip Thorne in 2007, when he was lectured at the 2007 Presidential Lecture, sponsored by the Darcy O”Brien Endowed Chair.

Kip Thorne 2007 lecture resized

The venue where Kip Thorne was to lecture was small, so I knew that being early would be important. Sure enough when I arrived there were only about 500 chairs set up, but we managed to get almost any seat we wanted. So my wife, a friend, and I took second row seats.

Starting the event was delayed when it became obvious there were too many people for the size set for the auditorium. So, the auditorium was expanded… twice (rolled back walls), to make room for the nearly 3,000+ people that came to hear him speak. All seats were full, and hundreds were standing. Many that came “on time” could not get in.

I was particularly excited to hear him speak, and to meet him, because he was the first university physicist to be taken seriously about black holes, and time travel. Apparently many others there thought so too. Time travel, was such a romantic idea to us all, we could not get enough.

Kip was Prof. of Physics at CalTech, and had the unique ability to teach complicated subjects to anyone at any level, so his presentation was quite interesting. After what I thought was an awesome presentation, a question and answer session allowed the public to ask questions. Most asked about time travel.

Sometime after that event, I  signed up for a graduate course in that very topic offered at CalTech, taught by Kip Thorne… woa!

The text book was Black Holes & Time Warps, which Kip had already autographed for me at the lecture.

Black Holes book 001 resized

Kip Thorne authgraph book resized

Kip signing autographing his book for Doc.

10 years later…

Today , October 3rd, 2017, Kip Thorne along with two other physicists were given the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics. It was their guidance, and visionary work, on the LIGO project that led to detecting gravity waves.


Prior to the Nobel Prize, scientists at LIGO turned to their followers for help on the project. This effort would eventually help the LIGO team find evidence of gravitational waves.

LIGO, the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) initiated a new field of astronomy by providing an alternate means of sensing the universe. And today, there are 9,750 of us volunteers working on the Gravity Spy project that feel particularly proud to be associated with such a note worthy project, that has now been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize In Physics.



LIGO Gravity Spy Project

To Kip, congratulations on your 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics!

To my fellow volunteers… wow we did it… WOOO HOOO !


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